The Northumberland Coast Captured

Ruth Bond Fine Art

Book of Oil Paintings of Northumberland with Poetry by Katrina Porteous and Peter Rees

From Ruth Bond’s website

“Born under African skies, Ruth Bond has worked and travelled in many countries across the globe, absorbing cultures, colours, textures and especially the beauty of the natural world.

Over the last 18 years the combination of these have inspired her design work (she’s an award-winning interior designer) and now the light and the subtle colours of the coasts of Northumberland and the Western Isles of Scotland infuse her paintings, with some of the most dramatic skies and strikingly beautiful beaches in the world.

The Northumberland Coast Captured is a follow-on to Ruth’s first book – a sell-out – The Outer Hebrides Captured, a happy conjunction with the poet Peter Rees and Harris Tweed, and a result of many requests for a Northumberland volume.”

Alongside her oil paintings of the inspirational Northumberland Coast are more of Peter Rees’s poems, as well as some of my own (from Two Countries, Bloodaxe Books 2014), and a delightfully mixed bag of writings that include folklore, history, geology and songs.

Ruth writes:

“I believe that in order to paint I need to see and experience the places myself.”

“Colour has always been the most important element of my landscapes and seascapes, and the colours I discovered in the Outer Hebrides were astonishing almost beyond imagination. Attempting to capture these in my oil paintings has been a beautiful experience. There is so much to see it is impossible to capture everything in one visit, so I look forward to returning regularly.”

Predominantly working in oils, Ruth employs a technique that uses both palette knife and brush resulting in the richly textured, vibrant style for which she has become renowned.

An exhibition of Ruth’s work runs at Newcastle Arts Centre, 67 Westgate Rd, Newcastle NE1 1SG, from November 19th to December 24th.

The Northumberland Coast Captured is available there, or for £25 + £4 post and packing by emailing Ruth from her website HERE.


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